Jane Addams to Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett, July 27, 1921


Prague -- [Czechoslovakia]

July 27" 1921

Dearest Lady.

Your letter of July 14" had been so delayed that I feared you might be planning to stay in London into the heat of August, so I cabled this morning my regret that I could not come to London this time.

We have been [traveling] a little [through] the former Austrian Empire with its many complications. I should like so much to talk to you about many things! We have our Summer School in Salzburg in August, and I want to clear up my mind in regard to the League [page 2] of Nations by attending the sessions of the assembly in Geneva in Sept. The Secretariat including your own Sir Eric Drummond was very polite to me when I was there in June and will give an Association an opportunity to see something of the inner workings.

There is just a possibility of our ↑[with] Mary Smith & I↓ stopping for a few days ↑or a week↓ in England before we sail from Plymouth on Sept 21st. If we can do it I will let you know in lots of time, but the possibility is so [illegible] that I hope you won't change a single plan in relation to it.

You must know how very much I [page 3] long to see you. The Irish situation is [most] in my mind, for I am quite sure that the inquiry tended to the understanding between the U.S.A. & England, which as you say is the main thing. All that holds me back is the complexity of the Sept. plan, our international headquarters are at Geneva and my plans seem to depend upon those of many other people. None of these many people hold my affection and devotion as does one person whom I want to see if only for a few days, in England. Thank you for being so good to Dorothy North and believe me to be always devotedly yours Jane Addams.

(over) [page 4]

Miss Coolidge will have to struggle with the settlement situation. The plan grew out of Mr Wood's visit so that I am not very familiar with it. The two settlements in Vienna were quite remarkably good in their standards.

Our address until Aug 15"

is c/o Hotel Bristol
Salzburg, Austria.

after that

c/o Maison Internationale
Rue de Vieux College, 6
Geneva, Switzerland