Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, March 1921 Also known as: Emily Greene Balch to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom National Sections, March 1921

Geneva, 6, rue du Vieux Collège
March 1981.

Circular Letter to Executive Committee and Consultative Members (A)

[Circular Letter to] Secretaries of National Sections (B)

Series 1921 A 5  B 8

Dear Friends,

It has seemed best for me to go to Vienna and consult on the spot about arrangements for next summer and to take Fräulein Wössner with me. We are therefore starting March 29. I will write again as soon as there is anything to report.

The Executive Committee has voted in favor of our being represented on the Committee on the Nationality of Married Women set up by the International Women Suffrage Alliance and Mrs. Florence Kelley has been elected to represent us.

I have written inviting her to do so and have notified Miss Macmillan Chairman of the Committee.

The votes were as follows:

Florence Kelley 6; Dr. Lizzio van Dorp, Elise Sem, Chrystal Macmillan, each one.

Yours cordially

(signed) Emily G. Balch.