Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, November 17, 1920



6, rue du Vieux-Collège
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

November 17th, 1920.

Dear Miss Addams,

Miss Elizabeth Abbott of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance wishes to know whether in case it is decided to issue a supplement to JUS SUFFRAGII for use of international [organizations], we should like to pay for space for news of our movement. She cannot give us a definite estimate but thinks the cost would be about 1 [₤] a column.

Mlle. Gobat has also talked with me about the question of a similar [arrangement] with her paper "Aujourd'hui". This appears monthly, and deals largely with education, in the sense of the "New Education". Mr. Adolphe Ferriére himself says that it is a first class educational paper. We could perhaps have the use of 2 pages for a payment of 30 Francs a month.

I think some such [arrangement] as this would be useful and partly take the place of Pax et Libertas for our English and French speaking members.

In order to have a definite proposition to vote upon I propose

that I be authorized, in case circumstances [develop] so that these plans seem practicable,

to incur an expense of 2 [₤] a month for space in Jus Suffragii and for 30 Frs. a month for space in Aujourd'hui or in all, a year expense of approximately

12 months 2 [₤] = 44 Frs. = 528

12 months          30 Frs. = 360

Please vote Yes or No or send in your own comment or proposals. Please reply at once. The Jus Suffragii Committee is meeting and wants an early reply.

Always cordially yours

Emily G Balch