Florence Kelley to Jane Addams, November 7, 1920


Dear love to M.R.S.

265 Henry St.
Sunday morning

Beloved J. A.

Since the incubus of Mrs. Spencer's egocentrist presiding at the meetings was removed, and you persuaded Mabel Kittredge to serve as President, I've enlisted as a private in the ranks of the Section for the U.S., promising to work steadily as long as she keeps the helm.

She is doing an immediate practical stroke in submitting to the membership vote a proposed selection from the Zurich resolutions, to be submitted to the President elect with as much publicity as possible in connection with his approaching [page 2] conference on the whole subject.

[written in left margin] We had a lively meeting Thursday!

Also, she has a fine scheme for a series of luncheons, beginning in January, at the various clubs, City, Civic, Cosmopolitan, Women's University, etc. with crack speakers on Mexico, Japan etc. and inviting the club members to join at the close of the meeting. A similar series is already underway ↑in Boston↓.

Having survived Crystal Eastman, Margaret Johnson Lane, Mrs. Spencer et al, I do really believe that the Section will go ahead, sad as it is to have lost Mrs. Karsten.

I write this because I was doubtful when you recommended M. K.

Yours devotedly F. K.