Diana Agabeg Apcar to Jane Addams, April 5, 1920

214 B Bluff Yokohama
April 5th 1920
Miss Jane Addams
Hull House -- Chicago.

Dear Madam

Your name is connected with humanitarian work in your own country and I lately read your name as one of those present at a meeting convened for Armenian relief and Armenian independence; and so I am writing this to tell you that since the beginning of the Armistice, France has been organizing and putting through Armenian Massacres in the Near East and England has been quietly looking on. Mr Lloyd-George said that France and England are entirely agreed upon everything.

The first Armenian Massacre was perpetrated in Aleppo, Syria, some seven hundred poor half dead refugees had housed themselves in a Khan; during the night the armed Turkish soldiers fell upon them and massacred them. It became known that this massacre had been instigated by the French; then followed another in Adana, and now in Marash, where [page 2] according to latest reports we are told that twenty thousand have been massacred. Should such atrocious proceedings be allowed to continue?

Six thousand Belgians massacred by German soldiery, and press platform and pulpit of Christendom have fairly rent the heavens since 1914. But what has been the toll of our poor nation? The figures run into a million, not counting all those who have died in battle; one hundred and sixty thousand were pressed into the Russian army to fight on the battlefields of Poland; these do not include the volunteer corps fighting in Armenia and having all their victories blasted by the Russian Command. General [Samsonov] by the offensive he took on the eastern front -- saved Paris, he would have marched into Berlin if General [Rennekampf] had not treacherously failed him. General [Samsonov] was an Armenian; France is now rewarding the Armenians for his [service] by organizing Armenian Massacres, trying to finish the remnant that is left of a crucified nation, to make a solution of the Armenian question by emptying Armenia of Armenians.

I have tried my best to publish these facts in newspapers in Japan and abroad but not one paper will publish, I however keep on trying to publish and circulate as I can.

Yrs respectfully

(Mrs) Diana Agabeg Apcar [signed]