Helen Katherine Hoy Greeley to Friend, June 30, 1920

Helen Hoy Greeley, Chairman
Emma Wold, Treasurer
Dr. Margaret Long, Auditor
717 Woodward Building, Washington, D.C.

June 30, 1920.

↑Copy of letter sent to persons who have joined our Cooperating Council and offered to help.↓

My dear [illegible]

We are delighted that we might use your name in Anne Martin's campaign and that we may count on you for some assistance in talking up her chances and perhaps getting some money.

In this connection we are sending you ten sets of informatory material for distribution to friends of liberal tendencies (yes, both senses). This should save your time and reduce your labor to a minimum for it includes a form letter which is impersonally personal enough for use with anybody and which needs only to be dated, addressed and signed! But if you prefer writing truly personal notes, please return the forms for, being very thrifty, we can give them to someone else.

In a letter received today Anne says she is in urgent need of a thousand dollars early in July to enable her to engage organizers who can come now but may not be available later and whom she does not dare to close with unless money for their salaries and [traveling] expenses is in sight.

Accordingly, will you set our literature early at work and send us promptly whatever you succeed in collecting, even if it is only five dollars? It is our aim to raise the whole fund quickly and be done with the responsibility for it. We will keep you informed of our progress.

With cordial assurances of our gratitude for your cooperation, I am,

Very sincerely yours,

Helen Hoy Greeley [signed]
Mrs. Helen Hoy Greeley,
Chairman of the Executive Committee

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