Jane Addams to Robert Alexander Gunn, February 3, 1920


February 3rd, 1920

Mr. R. A. Gunn
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Sir:

A friend of mine has sent me the enclosed clippings very indignant over the perfectly unfounded statements which it contains. May I ask you to write me upon what you based your statements?

Any one of the Hull-House trustees, Mrs. Joseph T. Bowen, Mr. Julius Rosenwald or Mr. Charles L. Hutchinson, could have informed you in regard to the Hull-House activities during the war in connection with the selling of Liberty Bonds, of service with the Local Draft Board, of the Red Cross Units, of the Girls Protective Leagues, of the mother's Silver Star Club, of the Overseas service during the entire period of the war of the Hull-House band and of dozens of other activities which every Settlement carried on as a matter of course. You could have easily informed yourself as to any of these if you had had any desire to be fair to a fellow-citizen. The word "Bolshevik" is used so loosely that it is impossible to refute the charge [although] it is difficult to understand how you could permit yourself the use of the word with no attempt at verification.

Sincerely yours,