Charles Wesley Mosher to Jane Addams, February 24, 1920

[1315] Lake Park Ave., Chicago
[Miss] Jane Addams:
Hull House Chicago

Dear Madam.

Reading your letter in The Tribune of today I notice as in all your public utterances a standard vein of cant and perversion and distortion of the facts involved. It is little short of lunacy to say deportations have been or are for mere expression of opinions or because such individuals are of a political party. They are members of an organization that has openly declared its purpose to overthrow the Government of the US "by force and violence." Being a member of such an organization, carrying a card identifying one as a member is the same as wearing a uniform of a body of people who have declared themselves enemies of our government and the American people. What folly and utter stupidity to wait until "they commit an overt act." I have heard them talk publicly many times and openly [page 2] declare their intention not only to destroy our government ↑by force↓ but to do away with [illegible] private and corporate ownership of property. They are sworn enemies of our country and should be shot to death instead of being deported. They do not advocate government by majority. They would substitute government by factional minority, violence and cruelty.

Your insinuation that the throwers of bombs during the race riots in Chicago are protected by officers in the service of the City or State or Nation is infamously false. Any pretense that you or any one is unaware of the fact that no actual evidence could be traced to the guilty parties, white or black, because such acts were performed in the dark and could not be proven against any one [although] several hundred were arrested and every opportunity given those who knew those guilty to testify against them. I say any such practice is not only a crime against morals but is against legal and orderly procedure and good government.

Forward to #2 [page 3]

#2 If you advocate convicting without proper evidence, why don't you offer yourself to be tried and found guilty without legal evidence. You may not have thrown any such bombs but you are continually throwing verbal bombs and [dynamite] at those charged with the affairs of government and the orderly administration of law. How much better are you than those who hurled the bombs you mention? Let me say it was not the duty of the secret service or other officials present in the Communist meeting in August to protest. The law was in existence and that alien doubtless knew it was. It was the duty of those officers to exercise their judgment as to when to act and it is immaterial what or how or when any other government would or would not have acted.

If those "distinguished bishops" or either of them say or did say those aliens or others who were deported were arrested for merely expressing "political opinions" then I say they lied willfully, deliberately and [maliciously]. Those aliens were deported for deliberately violating and setting at defiance the laws of [page 4] this country. They had no rights as citizens of this country. They were in a position like that of an invited guest in your house and proposed to set up and establish their will and authority over that of yours and throw you out, with the very natural result that they were thrown out. Its high time Miss Addams that yourself and all such people were accumulating some ordinary, common, ↑every day↓ horse sense. What every one of such malcontents need is not more liberty, but a new set of brains and I would recommend getting the first [nigger?] you meet to supply you. Give him a hatchet and set him to work. When he finishes the job I venture to say you will be able to reason more correctly [although] you may not talk so much.

Wind [Jennings] Bryan and yourself are very successful in keeping your names in print at no expense to either of you excepting in the matter of modesty. I confess I envy both of you. I too might become famous if I had Bryan's nerve and your gall. As it is, extreme modesty is all that prevents me saying what I think of you.

This is gratis so no reply is required nor desired.

Yours truly

Col. Charles W. Mosher

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