Carl Beck to Jane Addams, December 2, 1919

Dec. 2, 1919.

My dear Miss Addams:

I thank you very much for your letter with the enclosed telegram. I made very good use of it, showing the necessity of funds. Nevertheless I should like to tell you some very good news.

I am enclosing one of those appeals, as I would like to have it printed, but I am waiting still for some names, as Mrs. Emmons Blaine, and some other people whom I think will sign this.

I also received a message from Dr. Ochsner this morning. Who is very much interested, and who tells me that Senator McCormick has developed a plan by which he could possibly, if things could be arranged favorably get to Vienna a whole trainload of food. The Senator thinks that he can get a special train from Brest in France with food stuffs to go directly to Vienna, provided we can't get the ship to load it here, and get these over there and pay for the food.

I am very anxious to see you, if your time permits, to discuss this plan with you. It is very attractive. We are trying to get a joint meeting with Mr. Armour and Mr. McCormick, as suggested this morning, and I shall keep you posted.

With best regards,

Yours very truly,

Carl Beck [signed]

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,

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