Lillian D. Wald to Mary Rozet Smith, March 13, 1919

March Thirteenth
Nineteen Nineteen


I am not going to spend that money until you are in Connecticut and at the "House on the Pond" so that you can choose the thing you would like, but it will be a very precious choice associated with you and the Lady. I wish you would get out of the habit of sending checks to the underserving rich (meaning myself).

I see you have put down the "House on the Pond" and I rather like the name as we repeat it. Perhaps you will see us blossoming out in [stationery] to that effect some day.

I am sending you in this Mr. Lovejoy's letter that appeared in the "Call" last evening. It really took some courage to do that, and if it moves you and the Lady to do so, don't you want to write a word to him? There be some on the Board of Child Labor Committee who may criticize him.

The Birthday was so lovely that I was tremendously moved and more particularly by the procession of Nurses who came through a door that had been erected at one end of the dining-room and was a symbol of the Entrance to the Central Building which I so much want. They marched through in their "blues" informally arranged to represent the various activities that have developed out of the original plan and sang the little song that I enclose.

Heaps of love and I wish that summer were here and your ticket bought for Connecticut. Much love to J. A.

Lovingly yours,

Miss Mary R. Smith
12 Walton Place West
Chicago, Ill.