Martha Carey Thomas to Jane Addams, October 21, 1907


October [21?], 1907

Dear Miss Addams,

I am so distressed to see by your telegram that when you promised to speak for us you did not understand for how long a time we wished you. Could you not possibly give us two weeks? If this is impossible, we shall be very grateful for even one week, and we will arrange the dates for you to speak in this week at the most conservative women's colleges, that is, Bryn Mawr, Vassar, Wellesley, Smith, and perhaps Radcliffe. The time you mention in your telegram, that is, in week between March 17 and April 7, is unfortunately the time in which the spring vacation of Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke and Radcliffe falls, so that if you came between these dates we could not arrange for you to speak at any one of these colleges. Could you not give up instead the first, second, or third weeks in March, that is, the week beginning March 2, or March 9, or March 16? There is not enough time between April 7, when the spring vacation of New England colleges ends, and April [15?], when the Easter vacation of Vassar and Bryn Mawr begins for us to get in your week.

Will you kindly telegraph us about this, not prepaying the telegram, but telegraphing me collect? If you find that you could possibly give us two weeks, will you not also state this in your telegram? If not, I shall understand what you mean if you will telegraph "Week beginning" such date as you can set.

For this week the Committee would offer you $50 a lecture and entertainment.

Very sincerely yours,

Miss Jane Addams.