Katharina Heine Hanfstaengl to Jane Addams, May 18, 1919


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Telegramm- Télégramme- Telegramma

Garmischpartenkirchen 1155 10 17/5 5.-40- hn =

Jane [Addams] international
women congress Zurich Switzerland=

As a firm admirer of your grand sense of duty with high aspiration I greet you the assembly in Zurich as one who for years has worked for the same purpose on different lines. Also in the name of millions of german women who hare the cause at heart a movement was in formation to send a representation of all ranks of classes to asist at your proceedings the plan could not materialize writing to our serious internal evolution jam personally detained by the efforts of a mortal illness = katharina hanfstaengl munich z z presiding of the women's interests club in garmisch.

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