Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, February 25, 1918

19 Euston St.
Feb. 25 '18.

My dear Miss Addams,

Would you endorse the plan which I enclose? I wonder if the Ex. board would like to endorse it also. The questionnaire returns thus far are quite unsatisfactory. Few have done any thinking on it. Please send me the full list of names of those to whom the questionnaire was sent. Thus far I have not more than twenty returns.

I fear you are ill as I hear [page 2] not a word from you about the long copies of correspondence that I have sent about the New York convention. I have written to [Mrs.] Karsten and as I suppose you are in the same house I [assume] that you both have seen all my letters.

I have twice written to Miss Balch asking her to write to me about the Convention but have had no reply. I hope to see her this week in New York, [but] I do want to know your point of view and what you think of Mrs. Williams' statement. Her recognition as chairman of the N.Y. ↑state↓ branch at the Philadelphia [page 3] convention seems a strong point in her favor. I feel by no means sure that my telegram was properly worded and am anxious for your opinion.

Our [Bolshevik] friends seem to have brought Russia to a terrible pass. This is the worst yet.

By all means read immediately "The Air Line to Liberty". It is a stunning and graphic presentation of Norman Angell's idea of reaching the German mind. See advertisement in The New Republic.

Yours affectionately,

Lucia Ames Mead.