Ernest Cook Poole to Jane Addams, July 26, 1918

235 West Twenty-Third Street

New York, N. Y.,

July 25, '18

My dear Miss Addams:

Thank you for your note and for the pamphlet enclosed. I have read it with deep interest. It especially struck me because I have been planning that this Bureau in cooperation with the Food Service should get out a somewhat larger pamphlet with photographs, describing the growing purpose and plan here to do our share in feeding the world in the next two years, and the international significance. We shall certainly use parts of your pamphlet in ours. In the meantime we are sending to the National Conference for fifty copies of your article and will send it out at once to our forty foreign agents. Thank you again for sending it here. If you know of anything else of that kind and will send it, I shall be grateful. I shall also hope to get that brief article from you before long.

Faithfully yours,

Ernest Poole [signed]

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
800 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, Ill.

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