Edna L. Foley to Jane Addams, December 31, 1917


New Year's Eve

My dear Miss Addams,

It's hard work writing a letter to a writer of books as well as to the Lady of Hull House but I want to send you my New Year's greeting and to thank you for the help and inspiration you've constantly given me. Your books, Hull House and my infrequent glimpses of you, yourself, have done so much to make [page 2] me feel that life was so well worth living that I must say "thank you." With me, life is a series of getting up after constant tumbles but you seem to encourage one to keep on trying. My father taught me once that it was ill-luck to leave debts unpaid over the New Year's coming in, therefore in a very feeble way, I <am> frantically repaying one that I, with hundreds of others, have long owed you.

Please don't think this a silly note and please don't waste your time answering it. But it's New Year's Eve and I had to write. May the New Year bring you health.

Faithfully yours Edna L. Foley.

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