Jane Addams to Sameul Northrup Harper, June 1, 1918


June 1st, 1918

My dear Mr. Harper:

I am returning the enclosed list. The names marked "Y" and "A" are those Dr. Yarros and I have taken. I have added one or two names and will, of course, inform you in case any others occur either to Dr. Yarros or myself.

The Russians are planning a meeting at Hull-House on the evening of Friday, June seventh ↑to be addressed by Prof [Lomonosov]↓. Do you not think it would be a good time to ask the committee to meet ↑here↓ on that evening unless a special meeting could be arranged with Mr. [Lomonosov] at the Quadrangle Club as you suggested.

I quite agree with you as to the relation of the shoe enterprise to the work of the general committee and I cannot tell you how relieved I am that the matter has been straightened out. ↑Faithfully yours↓

Jane Addams. [signed]