Alice Thacher Post to Hannah Clothier Hull and Lucia Ames Mead, November 17, 1917


A carbon of this letter goes to Miss Addams and Mrs. Karsten, from A. T. P.

November 17, 1917.

Dear Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Mead:

Things are moving very fast and I am doing some things after all without consulting you.

I had letters from Miss Addams and Mrs. Karsten this morning. Miss Addams thinks seven speakers with seven minutes each would be about right, so in the invitations to speak I am making the time seven minutes.

Miss Addams is supposing that the programs are to be printed here in Washington, and she and Mrs. Karsten are hoping that tentative programs will be ready soon so that they can be sent with the generous invitations of the Philadelphia friends to be announced from the Chicago office. I had not remembered that last year they had tentative programs sent out in advance, and I have been very remiss in the whole matter. I had thought of having the Philadelphia committee have the programs got out there, to save the trouble we had with the expressage last year from Chicago; and I thought it would be difficult to have them done here. But immediately on receiving the Chicago letters this morning I went down to my printer's and found that though they are very busy they would handle the job, and I think that will be the best way to do the thing.

I have at hand the tentative business program received a little while ago from Chicago as a basis. I will be collecting the speakers for the banquet during the next few days, and their subjects as far as possible. I think if the subjects are not all on the preliminary program it will not do any harm, but I hope we can have all the speakers on it, still we could add others afterwards. The printers will hold the type and we will have it rearranged, with the addition of our platform and statement of officers, for use at the sessions in Philadelphia. Now I would like to ask the following questions of the various persons who will get this letter:

1. Do you approve of using the platform, as suggested above, in the final form of the program?

2. How many copies of the tentative programs does Mrs. Karsten want? How many does Mrs. Hull want?

3. Can Mrs. Hull tell me exactly where the [various] sessions of the Meeting are to be held? and of any other restrooms and meeting places (of which something was said in an earlier letter)?

4. Can Mrs. Hull tell me if the local committee has succeeded in arranging a meeting with other groups, and if they have succeeded in getting Mr. Angell and Dr. Lynch? and if not those two speakers, if they have others in mind?

5. Can Mrs. Hull tell me if she has definitely succeeded in arranging for the banquet, and if so where at what hour? banquet

All this information I am asking of Mrs. Hull ought to go on the tentative programs if possible.

I started this letter intending to tell Mrs. Mead and Mrs. Hull about the banquet speakers, but I will not take time to tell more now than that Mrs. Young telegraphs that she cannot come, and Miss Richards has another engagement, but I had a very satisfactory telephone talk with her. I have now invited, because of the haste, besides Miss Abbott, Mrs. Cothren, Miss Balch and Mrs. Buttenheim, also Mrs. Evans.

Faithfully yours,

Alice Thacher Post [signed]

[written in left margin] ↑Dear Miss Addams & Mrs Karsten: I sorry I did not remember that you sent out a preliminary program last year. As soon as I get details from Mrs Hull & acceptances from persons I [had] written to, I will go to press. Could Mrs Karsten ask Miss Gale & wire me? I don't know where to reach her? A. T. P.↓