Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 29, 1917


Dearest --

I am sending you a bit of stuff showing that the mind is flowing very roughly at Minneapolis.

Please do not return any of it but Mr Jordans letter.

Mrs Karsten will probably come around this way on her way with a lot of papers. Mrs Kohn & Mrs Bettman spent a day and a night on the island & came to call. [page 2] Mrs Kohn seemed to think that they were making too much fuss over the case of diphtheria but I suppose the poor things are far from easy in their minds.

I do hope Lyman is a comfort to you. I am quite homesick for both of you -- Love to L. deK. B & to your household.

Always yours

Jane Addams

Mackinac Island
Aug 29" 1917