Testimony before the Illinois Legislative Committee on Industrial Affairs, April 10, 1915 (excerpt)



Jane Addams Asks Legislature to Conserve Their Health.

Chicago, April 10. -- Jane Addams, testifying before the sub-committee of the Illinois Legislative Committee on Industrial Affairs [today] said:

"The health of its future mothers is one of the best vested interests of the state. Subjecting young girls to long hours of standing labor is a new thing in the history of the world. Moreover, the mass of testimony shows that the monotonous routine which is wearing on the health of the girl is not in the best interest of the industry.

"In 1820, when children under nine years of age were prohibited from working in the textile mills of England, all the big employers cried that the industry would be ruined. In the same way employers [today] are arguing that by limiting the hours of labor for women business will be upset."

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