Jane Addams to Zona Gale, June 25, 1917


My dear Miss Gale:

I am [cooperating] with the Second Conference on Democracy and Terms of Peace, although I did not sign The Call for various local reasons which I would rather explain to you in person than by writing. Mrs. Karsten is on the Executive Committee of the Conference as well as Mrs. Thomas. I think we can be said to be [cooperating]. There are things about it which I do not care for, but perhaps that is always true in any live movement.

In regard to the National Board sending out a [reaffirmation] of our purpose, I should be very glad to submit this matter to the members of the Board. No doubt Mrs. Spencer could write such a thing splendidly. Your position is analogous, [is] it not, to that taken by the socialists, -- that all their strength must be given to propaganda and none of it to philanthropic work in a social order so hideous. It is largely a matter of temperament, but I agree with you that it would be most [disastrous] if we forgot our main work. In point of fact, I have had no time to give to other activities and with only a limited amount of strength find that it all goes directly into Peace work.

Faithfully yours,

Miss Zona Gale,
Portage, Wisconsin.