Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Helen Swanson Morton, April 12, 1917


April 12th, 1917.

My dear Mrs. Morton: --

Miss Addams is out of the City now, and in her absence your letter has been referred to me.

On April 10th the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party met in Washington and I very much hope that on Miss Addams' return to the City we may be able to suggest to all our members a definite line of constructive work, which they may undertake in the present crisis. There will undoubtedly be a great deal of [civilian] relief work to be done, and this work will be left, I believe, to [pacifists] and others who are not active in Red Cross work to undertake. I am sending you a copy of the letter that was sent out recently by our National Secretary to the State Chairmen which may give you [some] ideas.

I [am] interested to find how many people in North Dakota are apparently interested in the peace movement. We have had a number of requests for literature from that state, some even from Fargo. Yesterday the W.C.T.U. from Fargo sent in their dues as an affiliated organization of the Woman's Peace Party. It seems as if you, who live so close together [and] interested in the same work, might get together. It is always a comfort to have the support of sympathizers.

Very sincerely yours,

Office Secretary.

Mrs. C. A. Morton,
515 Eighth Street, South,
Fargo, North Dakota.

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