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The Chicago branch of the Woman's Peace Party suggests that pacifists work on food conservation, child welfare, better conditions for soldiers, a defense of civil rights and plans for financing the war.
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The Woman's Peace Party outlines steps that peace activists can take once war is declared.

Addams seeks to discourage Linn and his wife from volunteering in a more active role in the war.

Addams hopes to see Lindsey soon and commiserates about the difficulty of finding a way to help on the home front.

Norton asks Addams for suggestions of wartime activities suitable for pacifists.

Addams responds to Gale's question about whether the Woman's Peace Party will direct its members to help with relief efforts.

Gale sends Addams her views on how the Woman's Peace Party should react towards requests to help with war relief.
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Taylor proposes financing World War I via an income tax on the wealthy rather than weakening the nation's economy.

The journal Equity polls the public on the details of a propsed income tax to fund the war.

The writer thanks Addams for her efforts for peace and decries America's treatment of Germany and Germans.

Gorham discusses Addams plans regarding a dehydrating plant to be used to preserve food.

Gale asks Addams to send a statement reaffirming the goals and purpose of the Woman's Peace Party to each branch to ensure they don't lose their way.

Henderson describes pro-World War I propaganda and tells Addams that he now supports peace.

Harney reports on the establishment of a dehydrating plant in Massachusetts.

Kellogg sends Addams information about how social agencies are approaching war work.

Karsten provides Morton with arious activities of organizations supporting peace and pacifism.

Karsten updates Cumberson on plans for the Congress After the War and questions the California branch's decision to serve as a Red Cross unit if needed.

Perkins urges Addams to work against the control of food supply by Wall Street.

Sewall thanks Addams for sending suggestions on how peace activists should respond to the United States' entry.
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Addams explores how women's clubs can help conserve food and become more active in helping the starving people of the world.
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