Eleanor Norcross to Jane Addams, June 1917


My dear Miss [Addams]

Our boys must go, and while others are fighting why should they not? But is not this the very time for the W. P. P. to redouble its effort? Men should be grateful that women can speak when in the [page 2] very nature of things they can not. Is not this one of our strongest points?

I do not know just what you said at Evanston but it seems to me the crowning moment of your life and the possible beginning of an epoch.

Eleanor Norcross
(who was with you at [page 3] dinner on Saturday.)

The New Republic say something interesting this week -- on the first page.

That paper seemed to me so pathetic during these weeks when it had to come out for war, so evidently against its will.

I imagine you helping it.

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