Bertha Read-Phipps to Jane Addams, April 1917


3033 E. 32 St., Kansas City, Mo.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,

Dear Miss Addams:

You will be glad to know that in Kansas City there yet are mothers, who, having reared their sons for deeds of service to a world of Peace, have yet the courage to raise their voices as well as their prayers, against the insane power of War, which no tribunal on Earth seems to have authority to check. We have labored in such ways as possible all along, and with the love of our grand country and the nations across the water who fight they know not why, still would we pray and labor for an awakening that shall put War into disrepute the world over.

I am offering herewith to you a little song. This is just completed and I have hoped it might carry conviction. After examining it perhaps you will find or suggest a way for its use. I care not for recompense <&> would but contribute this small offering to the cause of higher sanity and world brotherhood. It should arouse women who, alas, have more past delight in crochet than in the prerogatives of motherhood.

Most cordially yours with faithful appreciation and admiration,

Mrs. Bertha Read-Phipps [signed]

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