Jane Addams to Louis Paul Lochner, May 2, 1917


May 2nd, 1917

My dear Mr. Lochner:

That old charge that was sent to me in Florida proves to have nothing in it. I would rather not give you the name of my informant because it would probably make you feel towards her somewhat as I do, irritated that there should have been so much smoke with absolutely no fire. I sent the letter to Miss Balch only because I wanted the matter cleared up and felt so out of things myself, but I need not assure you that my sympathies are with you in all you are doing.

I do not like the idea of your going to Florida permanently because you are too valuable as an organizer and a social engineer. I am sure something will turn up as soon as the first war commotion subsides. Won't you please keep me informed from time to time as to your whereabouts and let me be of any service I can towards uncovering a real job for you. I do not in the least despise raising chickens nor the fact that it takes intelligence to put it through but I am sure you are needed very much just now in the many social movements which are having a hard time.

With affectionate greeting to Mrs. Lochner and Betty, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mr. Louis P. Lochner,
2715 McKinley Boulevard,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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