Jane Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, August 25, 1905


My dear Mrs Blaine

Before your telegram came Mr Cooley had decided that it was necessary to settle upon a candidate and that Mrs Young was the most available. The factions were growing apace, and especially the Catholics [friends] were active.

There were three or four important places vacant in the Normal School, including history and psychology which ought to be filled by the beginning of the year and which it was not fair to fill without the approval and cooperation of the new head. [page 2] Mr Triggs had a following and was said to have secured a newspaper, and there seemed little doubt that before many days the teachers and bornd members would be divided into parties with fixed lines. I hope you ↑won't↓ feel that we have been hasty, Mr. Cooley was so convinced of the necessity for immediate action that we did not feel at liberty to hold out against that and of the candidate I was strongly for Mrs Young. Dr DeBey wishes me to say that while her first choice was Mr Jackman that she was convinced of the advisability of Mrs Young.

Mr Cooley and Mrs Young seem to have had a satisfactory [page 3] interview and of course no one from the Board has seen her. Dr [Favill] was the only one of the North Side trustees that I was able to communciate with, Mr Bentley being out of town.

The responsibility of course fell upon Mr Cooley who has really been fine and magnanimous about it.

May I write later as affairs develop and at more length.

Always affectionately yours,

Jane Addams

Aug 25" 1905