World's Peace Film, Inc. Brochure, 1915


World's Peace Film Co.


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$100,000 COMMON Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.

Combine Your Philanthropy
With Good Business

1915. [page 2]



E. B. WEBSTER, Washington, D.C., Secretary and Gen. Manager

Mr. Webster has been for about three years International Secretary for the promotion of a World's Peace City, and is intimately associated with Mr. [Hendrik] Christian Andersen, who is at the head of The World's Conscience Society of Rome, Italy; also with Wm. H. Harvey, author of Coins Financial School, a book that had the [phenomenal] sale of 2,000,000 copies, and who is the author of The Remedy, a book destined to revolutionize the methods of education in the schools, and is also in close touch with 375 societies in the world who are working for World Peace and a World Center of Communication.

MRS. ELIZABETH J. TATE, Washington, D.C., Treasurer.

Mrs. Tate is an enthusiastic promoter of the picture making business and has been an assistant for several film companies and knows the business thoroughly. She has a wide acquaintance in the large cities, east and west.

MRS LAURA ESTILL FRANCIS, Escondida, Ky., V. President

Mrs. Francis is deeply interested in the establishment of The World-Peace City in Cuba. She is a relative of General Director Francis of the [St. Louis] World's Fair -- Ex Governor of Missouri.

IDA R. W. PEHLER, Post Office Dept., Washington, D.C.

Miss Pehler is of foreign born parents but is [thoroughly] American and broadminded enough to see this movement as of great International interest and importance. She was 6½ years with the Isthmian Canal Commission at Panama and having been associated with the master builders of the centuries she is well fitted to help direct the course of our company to the notable success it deserves.

The company will finally have a large list of well known women and men who will constitute its officers and directors. [page 3]

I suppose nine-tenths of all the people of the world desire peace, yet a large portion of its inhabitants are at war. "And still there is more to follow," or I am no prophet. The world is divided upon what constitutes the most effective method to prevent war.

The World's Peace Film Company is organized for profit to its stockholders, yet its incorporators feel confident of the fact in promoting World Peace they are combining business with practical philanthropy in such a manner as to draw to their support millions of patrons who might not care to aid or encourage a purely business proposition.

It will be their purpose not to take sides for or against "preparedness" or "disarmament," but having Jeffersonian confidence in the ability of the people to judge and decide rightly when the facts are presented before their very eyes, they will endeavor to enlighten them to a point where they can and will decide. Proper education is the forerunner of permanent peace, and the Company invites the [cooperation] of individuals and officers and members of organizations who desire to promote permanent peace throughout the world.

There is such an unlimited field for operation that one need only to call attention to it to cause the thoughtful person to see its scope.

The active, live, throbbing impulse actuating the really great men of the world will furnish the THEME; the thousands who will [cooperate] with World's Peace Film Company's Managers and artists to picture the facts, and the millions of peace-loving hearts who furnish the audiences, will, together, I am sure, make the success of this company the most notable of any film-producing company in the world.

The Secretary of this Company is the Secretary for the Promotion of the International World's Peace City and is [cooperating] with about 375 societies in the world and with the World Conscience Society of Rome, Italy, which has expended already over [page 4] $150,000 to promote a World Center of Communication. Among the features to be shown will be the unapproachable beauties of "The Pride of the [Antilles]," Cuba, which, when the hand of peace has prepared and finished it, will be a fit "Garden for the Gods." It is proposed to send a company of artists to Cuba and Florida this winter, where valuable assistance is promised by officials and individuals in getting the best possible results.


Are you aware of the fact that there are about 25,000 moving picture [theaters] in the United States alone and that others are being constantly erected more costly than the old ones? Like the automobile business, it was at first risky and disastrous to some of its pioneers, but like it, too, it has gone forward in leaps and bounds, until now it has become the sixth largest business in the United States, and if I am not mistaken will become the leading educational factor of the world.

The demand for high-grade films is constantly increasing and they command prices that insure larger profits. It is estimated that the profits last year in the film-producing business was in excess of 60% of the entire capital invested. Just think of it, sixty cents return upon each dollar invested each year, or ten times the returns from a first-class real estate mortgage. It is not at all improbable that the profits for the future will increase rather than decrease, as the film companies which produce only cheap, poor stuff at a low price will "fall by the way" one by one and the companies producing what the people want, namely, high class pictures, will reap larger profits than before.


The aims and objects of the company are such as to enable us to draw to our support in the production of a feature picture, the free assistance of hundreds of organizations which will gladly furnish large numbers of their membership to [cooperate] with the high-class talent of the company. These organizations are scattered all over the world and some of them have vast holdings in California, Florida, Cuba, Central and South America, and in European countries. [If] it were a strictly money-making business we would have to pay high for such support; but by combining business with a worthy object, we get it free. [page 5]


If the war ends, what then? It might suggest to some, at first thought, the end of our company, but such would not be the effect. To establish permanent peace throughout the world will be a "Herculean" task and no doubt take many years, and even after actual hostilities have ceased, it will take a long time to bring assured permanent peace.

Then again, this company has such a wide field of operation that it may continue indefinitely to furnish high-class films of every kind at a good profit to its Stockholders.

It will be but a short time, we are sure, before we will have the hearty [cooperation] of thousands of individuals and organizations all over the world in the effort we are making.

During the next two years we shall see the whole world interested and working for a solution to the horrors of war, and for a remedy which will insure permanent peace and our company will have become a powerful factor for good.

We will produce a series of photo-moving-pictures depicting the consummation of the age. It will be prophetic and will portray the struggle of the Birth of a New World. It will show the part to be played by England, Germany, Japan and the United States, and the trials and final triumph of the American Eagle and its immortal sons.

This series of pictures should be the greatest attraction ever presented and should certainly pay the stockholders handsome profits.


A limited amount of the 7% preferred Stock is now offered at $5 per share, and with every share of preferred one share of the common stock is given free.


100 shares of preferred, you get 100 common free.

10 shares of preferred, you get 10 common free.


The preferred stock pays 7% cumulative dividends and after June 1st, 1917, is convertible to common at the option of the holder. [page 6]


The common stock is given as a bonus, but will become very valuable whenever the company pays from profits anything like the average percentage of profits earned by other companies. This means that should you hold 100 shares of each until December 31st, 1916, and the company should only do as well as the average film company and earn 60%, you would receive profits on each 100 shares of $150, or $300 upon an investment of only $500.

This offer is only for a limited time and is absolutely "ground floor" for early investors.

We appeal to you in all earnestness to subscribe for [as] much of this stock as you can. You are assured of a "square deal." The stock is not doled out free to the incorporators as is the case with a large percentage of stock companies, but ALL placed in the treasury and sold for cash and used to bring profits to its stockholders. By subscribing early for at least 100 shares you may become a member of the Board or Directors.

Make all remittances to E. J. Tate, Treasurer, World's Peace Film Company, Washington, D.C.

E. B. Webster. [signed] [page 7]

of the
World's Peace Film Company
Washington, D.C.

I HEREBY MAKE APPLICATION for ______ shares at $5.00 per share of the Preferred Stock of the WORLD'S PEACE FILM COMPANY, with the understanding

1ST. That I am to have issued to me in addition thereto the same number of shares of the common stock FREE.

2ND That I can convert the preferred stock after Dec. 31, 1916 to common if I wish.

3RD That no stock is given to directors or organizers without compensation in full value.

4TH That all the stock is Treasury stock.

I AGREE to pay for one-half the above number of shares upon notification from the Secretary and the balance within 30 days thereafter, or all cash as I may elect.