Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Lauretta M. Zeitler, March 24, 1917


My dear Miss Zeitler:

Your letter of March 21st addressed to Miss Addams has been referred to this office as Miss Addams is away from the city. As you are a member of the Woman's Peace Party, you probably know of the International work of the organization. The Woman's Peace Party is the Section for the United States of The International Committee for Permanent Peace, and is planning a Congress to be held at the same time and in the same place as the Official Peace Conference to take place after the war. I am sending you some material in reference to this and a copy of a letter recently sent out by Miss Addams in reference to the Congress.

I realize that this is not exactly what you had in mind, but I am sure you will be glad to know of the international side of our work. We are urging on all occasions the formation of a federation of nations which is more along the line of your suggestion. I think the fact that this idea during the last few days has become a familiar one in the minds of people; that an idea which a few years ago would have seemed utterly Utopian now seems quite <a> practical plan, is an enormous step in the right direction.

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Lauretta M. Zeitler,
122 East [Capitol] St.,
Washington, D.C.