Jennie Lewis Frazier Fiske to Jane Addams, March 21, 1917

Room 1200, 30 No. Dearborn Street

10339 Wood St.,

Chicago, Ill., March 21, 1917.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.
Dear Madam:

In the matter of preventing our country from getting into actual warfare with Germany, or any other countries, is it not possible to get up petitions, signed by all the women, and men, in the United States, as opposed to settling disagreements by arms--- and then make a strong effort to bring about an arbitration committee, to settle the troubles between Germany and England, and also our troubles which are ripening as rapidly with Germany.

With the largest powder manufacturer, of Wilmington, N.J. in the House or Senate -- and the leaders of the Republican Party using every means to bring about war with some country, -- to justify American honor and patriotism -- when it is nothing more than, -- in my opinion -- to keep stocks and food prices soaring -- as you will note with each assurance of "war" stocks and steel, and food prices, take a step higher.

Now, if more countries are not drawn into this great war, which may last for years, and we don't know where we will end,-- any more than Germany did, when it backed up Austria in going to war-- I think it behooves every woman of the United States, to sign a petition, to Congress, that we want every effort made, by Congress and our President, and all the neutral countries, to join in a demand on the warring nations, to abandon warfare, and let the grievances be adjusted by a "Council" or "International Court" composed of members from each country-- or entirely of "WOMEN", and that in particular some means be provided whereby our "HONOR" can be sustained by setting an example to the whole world, that even matters of war can be adjusted without the use of arms, and the killing of millions of people-- why should we allow our country to be put in the same condition as Europe? Can you devise any means that are practical, powerful, etc. to accomplish the result we all wish-- Peace for the [warring] nations, and the prevention of any more, and even our own country-- being drawn into the fight. Almost every woman I have spoken to is willing to sign any document for Peace, and I am willing to spend all my time getting signatures, and as many to help me as possible before Congress convenes. Can we do it? Will you help? Please answer, or Phone, Beverly 2969, and I will come and see you. Yours respectfully,

Mrs. Jennie L. Fiske [signed]