James Woodburn Hamilton to Jane Addams, November 29, 1916

593 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn.,
Nov. 29, 1916.
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:

An idea which received a good deal of sympathy from a number of sources was a Peace Song for school children, especially small children; the idea being to have the children dress up in various National Costumes and each would sing the Peace Song of his people. <or Peace Verse>

My idea was that some Poet of the Spanish Race would write one verse and one of the English Speaking Races one, one for China, another for Germany, Russia, etc. Of course it would be difficult for these to have very perfect unity of thought, but there might be a complete little verse in each case.

The idea is that the effect might be lasting in a great many cases.

Very sincerely yours,

J. W. Hamilton [signed]

<These ideas may seem to you as small but they will help make holes in the wall of war influence>

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