Harriet Park Thomas to Madeleine Zabriskie Doty, May 31, 1916


May 31st, 1916.

My dear Miss Doty:

Miss Addams asks me to write suggesting that you come to Chicago in time for the Suffrage Parade. I believe she told you yesterday that all space at Hull-House is pre-emptied during Convention week, but I am arranging to secure a room for you in a private home near my own residence.

A number of women delegates to the Woman's Peace Party Conference, as well as participants in the Suffrage Parade, will be in that neighborhood and I am sure we can make you [comfortable] at moderate rates.

Please let me know by return mail if I shall hold a room for you. I am looking forward with greatest pleasure to seeing you again!

Sincerely yours,

Miss Madeleine Doty,
83 Washington Place,
New York City.

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