Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Thelma Juanita Gates, April 25, 1916


April 25th, 1916.

My dear Miss Gates:

Your letter addressed to Miss Addams in reference to the Universal Peace Fund, which you recently started, has been referred to this office and we are very much interested in this movement.

Perhaps in connection with Peace Day in the schools, which is to be celebrated on May 18th, we may be able to give this some publicity and perhaps secure some financial support for you.

We should be glad to do what we can in connection with this and will write you later about it. In the meantime I am wondering whether you could secure a number of clippings from the San Francisco Bulletin in reference to the starting of your fund, and we should be very glad to send such clippings, together with a little personal note, to the various branches of the Woman's Peace Party. This would bring the matter to the attention of many interested women who are already organized for peace work and who would be glad to enlist the attention of the children in this work also. If you cannot secure copies of the clipping, perhaps it might be worthwhile to have the item printed or mimeographed so that you can furnish copies of it in this way. I believe it would be a very effective way of introducing the matter.

With very best wishes for the success of your work, I am

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Thelma Juanita Gates,
c/o Woman's Peace Party,
Room 208, Stewart Hotel,
San Francisco, California.