Editha Caroline Phelps to Jane Addams, February 23, 1916


John Crerar Library, Chicago, Feb. 23, 1916

Dear Miss Addams:

Thank you very much for your letter just received.

I have received a few days ago a catalogue of the Entr'Aide, the cooperative in which Mme. Duchene is interested, and found slipped in between the leaves the enclosed document. I have translated it in case you might wish to have it published for the Peace Party. I have no doubt Mme. Duchene took this way of getting the resolution through the censorship bureau. In any case it is interesting. I am going to send a copy to some English friends, who may not otherwise be able to know of it.

Thanking you warmly for your kindness in recommending to the Survey, and with earnest wishes for your complete restoration to health,

Very sincerely yours,

Editha Phelps [signed]

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