Chrystal Macmillan to Jane Addams, February 8, 1916


February 8th. 1916.


Miss Jane Addams
Hull House

Dear Miss Addams,

We are very glad to hear from several quarters that your health is improving and that you were able to attend the meeting, held in Washington. As the mail goes [today] we wish to give you a few particulars about the work here. We are uncertain whether this will go straight to you, because a letter to the office from the "Survey" in New York, arrived this morning, after having been opened by the censor.

We received on the 22nd. of January a telegram from you as follows:

"Doctor's consent to April sailing arrive about 20th. at least one of Committee.

Jane Addams."

We also received a very welcome telegram from Miss [Breckinridge] as follows; received on Jan. 27th.

"Am sending 1000 dollars for use of International Committee. 1000 dollars later.


which we acknowledged by cable. We are uncertain whether the donation is from you or Miss [Breckinridge] or the Peace Party, but it will be a great help to us in any case.


We have had our accounts examined by an accountant and find the position is better than we expected. At Dec. [31st.] there was a balance of 1489.47 Dutch gulden. Enclosed is a statement of accounts drawn up by her for the Officers only. She first presented it in the original typed form, showing a balance of 1817.37½ Dutch gulden, but on going into the accounts further, we discovered that the Bank had made a mistake in the <an> entry of 326.50 gulden, which they had charged against Miss Hubrecht's private account, instead of against the Committee's account. The pencil corrections in the enclosed statement indicates the alterations necessary after this error had been discovered. We hope to send you within a few days a still more detailed statement but the auditor is still working at that. [page 2]

We had a letter from Mme. Tybjerg saying that the donation of a 1000 Kronen from Mme. Plessen had been paid in the beginning of November. We have still to ask the auditor to check it in the accounts, but think it will be alright. That was just before Miss Hubrecht went into the hospital and she probably did not tell Miss Manus or Dr. Jacobs at the time.


We have as yet received no reply to our letter to Mme. Schwimmer, asking for particulars of the Ford donation; nor have we received any of the donation.


We are sending by the same post three series of Minutes of the Officers meetings. The first includes meetings from Oct. 9th to Dec. 16th, the second includes Minutes from Jan. 3rd to 12th and the third a meeting of Febr. 1st.

The first set of Minutes has been confirmed by Dr. Jacobs, Miss Manus and myself. The second Miss Manus and I drafted together, but Dr. Jacobs has not seen them yet. The third I drafted after the meeting, but Dr. Jacobs has not seen them yet. It seems better to send them off than to delay another 10 days.


You will receive probably the same post "Circular Letter 12," in which we say that we are postponing the meeting till you can, with safety to your health, come to preside, but that <it> will probably be held about the end of April. We earnestly hope that your health will make it possible for you to come then.

With very cordial greetings from Dr. Jacobs, Miss Manus and myself,

In the name of the Officers,

Yours sincerely,

C M [initialed]

P.S. As the Febr. "Internationaal" cannot be ready for the post [today], we are sending you duplicates of the final proofs without the detailed <verbal> corrections.

Enclosed is the Financial Statement.

By the same post we are sending you:

1) The three series of the Minutes.

2) The final proofs of the "Internationaal".