Mabel L. Hyers to Rosita Holdsworth, November 3, 1915


November 3, 1915.

My dear Miss Holdsworth:

We are interested to know that the subject for debate in your high school is concerning peace. I am very glad to send you some pamphlets dealing directly on the question of the futile and unnecessary talk of preparedness, which is leading to militarism in the United States. Above all things, we do not wish our country to become militarized, for if we get the fighting blood in our veins, we will never be satisfied until "we lick somebody".

May I caution you in your defense of the negative side of your debate, to be sure to offer a substitute for war. We cannot only sit and hold our hands and say "peace, peace"! That would be absurd as well as ineffective. International questions must always arise but we must find a way to settle them without war. Economic pressure, international police force and a world court are all practical means of meeting these difficulties. Our own government is an example of a peaceful federation. Germany with its many states is an example of a peaceful federation. Norway and Sweden came to a peaceful separation rather than going into war about it. Many years ago the Canadians made a treaty with the United States which has kept our Canadian frontier unfortified and safe for years.

I hope that these few suggestions will enable you to make the negative side win. If there is any other way in which I can help you, please write to me again.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Secretary.

Miss Rosita Holdsworth,
Kerrvile, Texas.

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