Jessie Gordon Ramsay to Jane Addams, December 1, 1915

Miss Jane Addams

Dear Madam

The attention of the women of Canada has been brought to your proposals for peace in this terrible war in which we are engaged.

We hope that all that is credited to you is not true, as the women of Canada have a great respect for you in your philanthropic work. [page 2]

I enclose a copy of "An open letter concerning peace" to this I respectfully draw your attention.

This Miss Addams is how the women of Canada feel towards any proposals of peace -- Nothing is further from our minds than to want or ask for peace; the flower of the manhood of our country has been slain in [defense] of the only principles which are worth dying for. When the time comes Britain and her Allies will dictate peace, not sue for it.

Yours respectfully

Jessie Gordon Ramsey
Secretary of the Belgian Relief Com.
of St. Pauls Presbyterian Church

Dec. 1st. 1915

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