Jane Addams to Frederick Paul Keppel, October 15, 1915


October 15, 1915

My dear Mr. Keppel: --

I am awfully disappointed that we cannot have the appropriation for the coming six months. We had all sorts of things in the way of organizing. Mrs. Thomas uses her modest salary for traveling expenses and we seem too poor to "stake her out" from the general office. I very much appreciate your kind and confidential letter, however, and quite realize how difficult the situation is.

Could you find out and write me some day in regard to how the Trustees felt in regard to The Trojan Women. I know that it was a radical [departure], of course, but hear of it all over the country. To me it seems to have been most valuable Peace propaganda although I regret very much that it did not pay better.

What do you think of our Manifesto issued today?

Faithfully yours,

Frederick P. Keppel, Esq.,
New York, N.Y.