Jane Addams to Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs, October 15, 1915


October 15, 1915

My dear Dr. Jacobs:

I have just had a hundred dollars changed into the enclosed draft which I am sending to you for as many copies of the report as it will pay for. We are naturally most anxious to see it.

I hope that you had a pleasant journey. I expected up to the middle of the morning you sailed to come to the boat to see you off, but my long committee meeting had rather laid me out and that, added to the bad weather, made it most imprudent. I felt quite forlorn to have you sail away.

I had a second cable from the British Committee, also a letter from Miss Courtney. I delayed replying to the cable, waiting for the letter from Miss Marshall. Nor did I receive a letter to which Miss Courtney refers and also seem to have missed one of her cables. I replied as best I could with the rather blind information. I told her that you were going to take steps toward calling together the International Committee immediately upon your return home. I presented as best I could the situation in regard to the ladies who are now in [page 2] California. I have not seen them since they left New York nor have I heard from them. I hope they will stop on their way back.

Miss Balch wrote me that she was sending you $130, the balance left from the $500, and also $382.30 towards her own expenses. I am most anxious for a statement of the money situation from you, and hope to be able very soon to begin to raise some <here.>

I am sending this off rather hurriedly on my return to Chicago. I am sure you will let me tell you what a great pleasure it was to have you in America and I hope the next time you are here that I shall be in Chicago.

Always affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Dr. Aletta Jacobs
Amsterdam, Holland.

<Will you please have the reports sent to the Woman's Peace Party 116 So. Michigan Bl'd Chicago.>