Marie Campbell to Jane Addams, October 23, 1915


Chicago Ill Oct. 23rd

Dear Miss Jane Addams

I just want to write you a letter of [appreciation] of all you have done for the Poor toiling People of this City. I am a Working Woman myself But I am employed in one of Chicagos Wealthy [Families] and while I toil I am surrounded by Luxury, and [have] warmth and good food. I sat in my Employers Car while that Parade of Garment Workers passed on Michigan Ave. [today], and I [looked] through Tears at those Poor Women and Girls. Stunted in Growth, sallow and Work [wearied] -- The Banners they carried bearing the Legend We do not Live. We only exist -- was true. Poor [pitiful] tired out mothers of Little children, their appearance proved it -- and Poor weary little children growing up in toil, who never had a childhood. How sad it all was my Lady was greatly annoyed because the Parade stopped our car a few minutes. I have a Friend who has seen the Home Life -- and working conditions of these Factory People -- and to me working in a home of wealth on the Lake Shore Drive, It seems almost impossible that such Poverty and oppression could exist only [page 2] a short distance away. O Chicago Dear Golden Generous City of the Mid West [giving] with [loving] Kindness of your Bounty to the oppressed People of all Nations beyond Seas. How can you so [willfully] neglect these Poor toilers within your Gates. What was the meaning of the [Saviors] promise, as Ye have done unto the least of these -- surely the Compensation for them and the [Judgment] for You must rest in the [eternities]. Dear Miss Addams Pardon me for writing you this long letter. But my heart was so filled with gratitude to you who have consecrated your Life to Dwelling among and assisting these Poor People, and their little children -- that I only wanted to tell you that I shall Pray for You [always]. And I hope God will Bless You in this World and in another and a better World. If only some of these Wealthy society [Ladies] could be persuaded to look into the Condition that Brought about this Strike. I Know their sympathy would cause them to help obtain better living wages -- and shorter working hours for [these] Poor People

Yours with Loving appreciation

Marie Campbell

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