Mary A. Hunter to Jane Addams, March 27, 1915

Miss Jane [Addams].
Chicago Ill.

Dear Miss [Addams]:

I am taking the liberty of asking you a favor (as you are so unused to such things, no doubt you are amazed:)

The Women of Iowa who are working for Suffrage are about to put out a special Edition of the Register and Leader -- our largest daily here in Des Moines, May 12. [page 2] I have been delegated to fix up a Woman's Peace Page -- I had a nice lot of Woman's Peace Party literature [&] before I was asked to arrange the page I had given it to the Editor who lost or scattered it. I have asked your secretary to mail me some more. <From Peace Party Headquarters 116 -- Michigan Ave>.

I wish to ask if you have any article or paragraphs on Peace or the Peace Party that you would kindly give to this page. I know you are so terribly busy that it is almost cruel to ask this even -- but I [thought] probably you had something ready for just such emergencies that your secretary would attend to. It would add greatly to the efficacy of the Woman's Peace Party propaganda in this state, were you able to give this boost to our paper. This particular Peace Party has not been given any publicity hereabouts and it seems a pity that it should be so, at this particular time. If you [page 3] write a note that may be used, it would be appreciated, even if you have not time for anything else.

It is hard to tell how deeply all earnest minded women feel toward this Peace movement. We want to start an enrollment of some sort here in connection with the Suffrage movement.

With kindest wishes and thankfulness for your great life --


Mrs. Mary A. Hunter.
Arlington Ave.

Des Moines Ia 3/27/15

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