Jane Addams to Ellen Gates Starr, June 17, 1915


My dear Ellen

A letter from Mary Smith which came last night gave me my first knowledge of your father's death -- an earlier letter had said that he was ill and that you were with him. I infer therefore that you were with him at the end which I hope came without struggle or suffering. I have thought of you all day, and [page 2] always with affection and sympathy. Alice Hamilton and I went to see Mrs Barnett this afternoon in her charming suburb. She talked a great deal about the Canon and showed me innumerable pictures of him. It was all very sweet and quite inextricably mixed with my thoughts about you and your father.

We hoped to sail for home from Liverpool next Saturday -- the 26th -- but since then we find that I ought to be in Amsterdam [page 3] to meet a committee next week, so that we will leave here Wednesday night, still hoping to sail the 26th but from Holland. I am awfully sorry to be away so long a time just now but one thing makes the next imperative and we go on to the next. At moments it seems worth while and again it fades into nothing.

I do hope that you are better, you must have had a perfectly horrid time [page 4] which I hope is well behind you. Please tell Mrs Lillie that we dined with Mrs Chadbourne in Paris, that she was looking very well and that her garden seemed quite shut away from all the distress of Paris.

I am sending this letter to Hull-House [although] you may be in Mass. and I may see <you> before [illegiblebefore it reaches you in these [queer] days. My best love to you Dear.

Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

June 17" 1915