Elise M. Fuog to Jane Addams, March 8, 1911


Chicago, 8 of March. 1911.

Dear Miss Addams:

This evening I finished your book "Twenty Years at Hull House" and I feel that I must thank you for the pleasure, comfort and edification the reading of it gave me.

It took me long to read it, [although] I was greatly charmed, but at present my leisure time is very limited & at times I am very tired.

You always knew in a measure how dear you were to me, but I never expressed my gratitude for the instruction and enlightening I received years ago at the dear Hull House Home. [page 2] The classes, especially Miss Starr's were a great source of pleasure and inspiration to me as well as a means of culture.

Later on it meant much to me to teach there myself and now, when I gave up many of my former activities and pleasures I cling to at least one evening at Hull House.  I know fully well that my work is of little importance, but it gives me great satisfaction and a source of at least a remote identification with your noble aims and with you.

To come back to the book, which I shall always treasure as one of my dearest, I need not [page 3] speak about it; others have done it fully and ably. I only wish to say that "Twenty Years at Hull House" have revealed you still more to me and proved that you are all what my heart thought you to be, a being alike great in wisdom sympathy and social virtue.

Thank you, Dear Heart!


Elise M. Fuog.

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