Jane Addams to Flora Belle Surles, ca. December 13, 1924

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Flora B. Surles,
1403 H St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Will the transfer case described answer the purpose? ↑Yes↓

Is material to be classified by some person in the National Office, according to subject content ↑Yes↓

If there is a file (folder) already containing material relating to the subject matter in material to be sent down from time to time, can incoming material be put into the folder already made? ↑Yes↓. Would you rather, for the sake of having it start from a later date, that a new folder be slipped right in front of the one already in the drawer? ↑when necessary↓

Of course if you should send material on some new subject, a folder would be made new, and dropped into the right alphabetical position.

Do you prefer that material coming from Japan, for instance, should be filled under "Japan," or under the subject to which the letter might relate? ↑under Japan↓.

I notice the material you have sent is grouped for the most part geographically, so I should think that grouping for foreign mail might be continued. For material within the States, I should think subject, or name of organization, (with cross reference, if needed) would apply.

Do you concur? ↑Yes↓.


↑I will send eight dollars for the new case & folders, I am also sending a lot of Summer School material [in?] which might be classified by subject J. A.↓

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