Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, June 21, 1924


June 21, 1924

Dear Emily Balch:

I am enclosing a statement of our bank account. As you see, I have anticipated the $60.00 interest to be paid July 1.

Mary Smith and I are opening our house this year at Hull's Cove but she will be away making some visits the last ten days in July. I will be alone in the house with two of her cousins, one of whom has recently gone blind and is very sad, and a devoted sister who takes care of her. I would be very nice if you could plan to come then so that we could do some writing together. I think you met the cousins when you were there once before, Miss Rozet and her sister, Mrs. Hunt. They are really very nice and companionable but with Mary gone, I should be much happier to have a guest, so if you could come then you would be doing a kind deed. Perhaps then we could use some of this material about Public Opinion vs. The Press, whatever it is that one would like to call it. The New Republic is very anxious to have something on the Pax Special, etc.

I am just leaving town so I rather hastily put your material in my trunk but I hope to go over it with some care in Toronto. By the way, are you coming on to The Conference of Social Work? It would be a great time to see old friends. The Conference of Settlements begins tomorrow, June 23 and goes on until Wednesday, the 25th. Grace Abbott's opening address at The Conference of Social Work is given Wednesday night, the 25th. My last speech is the evening of July 2 so I can't possibly [page 2] get away before then. It would be very nice if you could come to share my room with me, No. 5 Annesley Hall, on the campus of the University. They charge $1.00 a day for rooms and they are giving me a double one at that rate because there were no single ones left, so you see we are not under great expense. The round trip tickets are to be had for a fare and a half, I think. Perhaps you know all about this but I am venturing to urge you to come on the same basis as I am going, to sort of renew acquaintance with America. I have been abroad so many years just at the time that the Conference met that I really feel I should take pains to know it again.

I more or less agree with the Swarthmore decision about our defense but I should be very grateful to have some copies of your original material and shall be very happy to pay my share of the mimeographing.

Miss Lathrop and some of the other members of The League of Women Voters are chagrined over Mrs. Catt's article. She was a little hard on us, I think but I suppose in a crisis every organization insists upon clearing its own skirts.

I have had four or five letters about the McLeod bill. Am I right in assuming that it never was voted upon? Will you tell me about it.

Hastily but always devotedly tours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. If the La Follette convention is held in Cleveland July 4, as now seems probable, I may go there from Toronto where I speak last on July 2. They have asked me to be [page 3] a member of the National Committee and I should go in the hope of being of some use in the formation of the plank on the World Court or even [with?] a wild hope concerning the League of Nations. Will you send me such material as you think might be useful in such an enterprise, or better still, could you come on to Toronto and go to Cleveland with me? If I do that, I may go straight on to the Quaker Conference at Ocean City, New Jersey, which opens July 7, although I do not speak ↑there↓ until the 12th. ↑Why not [for] the Friends General Conference, [write?] for a program, and consider that too? J. A.