Sarah F. Anderson Ainsworth to Jane Addams, [April, 1910]


Moline, Illinois.

Sunday morning.

My dear, dearer, dearest Jane

While reading the account of the early life I have the picture in mind, of you, as you opened the door of the S. E. car. room of 2nd floor Middle Hall. You had on a white gingham plaided off with narrow brown stripe. You were so delicate [page 2] looking, yet so brim full of energy and determination.

I would ↑have↓ liked to hug you when I read what you said of Miss Blaisdell. I know she would have liked it. And so will the Class of '81 and all those who love her.

I am glad to have in permanent form your thought of your father. I was always glad to hear you speak of him. When [page 3] you were at Rockford, and later after his death, and have always been thankful for the times that I met him.

I like the way you have done it so much. I believe if Katie Hitchcock is alive she will write you. You let me know if she does write, won't you! She really thought so much of you, that I feel sure she isn't living or she would never have so completely cut herself off from you.

We had a week of beautiful weather after reaching home, since then there has been a series of extremes, [though] its been lovely all the time. The green pastures are wonderful after the sand of Florida, [though] I like that too. I hope you are getting strong, and will be better ↑in Health↓ than ever before. My love to Ellen & Julia if they are there & you think of it. I think of them with pleasure, and I like Dr. Hamilton so much. She was very good to me. A whole heart full of love to you Janey Jane, Sarah F. A.