Jane Addams to Nicholas Kelley, June 23, 1907


My dear Ko

With much memory research, I can't [recall] anyone at present in Paris to whom I could give you a letter save young [Siegfried] who may in Havre. His father was Minister of Commerce in 1900 so the family were naturally at the capital then. His name is Jules Siegfried, my young friend, his third son, is Andre James, and LeRoy Beaulieu, I met but do not know them well enough to send letters to them. [page 2] The head of the Universite Populaire used to be a fine young Frenchman who was interested in Oxford, but I have forgotten [his?] name, and he doubtless has left long since. I am sending you a letter to Mr. H. G. Wells whom I hope will introduce you to other Fabians. With all Good Luck to you Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

June 23d 1907

P.S. I hope the cards don't sound cold, my experience points to them as the best [illegible] Mr Alden, the Webbs [should] of course know your mother very well.