Catherine Elizabeth Marshall to Friedrich Otto Hertz, August 27, 1921


August 27th, 1921.

Hefrat Herr Dr. Friedrich Hertz

Dear Dr. Hertz,

To have time I enclose a copy of a letter I have just written to Herr Matsch instead of rewriting its substance to you.

I was very sorry not to have see you again before I left Vienna. I had useful talks with Herr Matsch and with Dr. Rudolf Goldscheodt. I also saw a vast number of other people, members of Parliament, ex-ambassadors, Bolsheviks, etc., who came out in various self-mixed assortments to see me at Kaltenleugeben! The persons I would most have liked to see, however, I missed, namely Dr. Redlich and Frau Freundlich. They had both left Vienna by the time I was free from Congress work.

Is there really no chance of your coming to Geneva yourself for the Assembly? Do let me beg you once more not to refuse if you are asked to come. I am quite sure, and others share this opinion with me, that it would be exceedingly valuable to have you here and well worth your while to come.

What about Princess Starhemberg as a suitable woman delegate? She is, of course, a long way removed from our way of thinking about international politics, but on the other hand she seemed to me a very able and sincere woman who has practical knowledge of the conditions in Austria, and could speak with the authority of one who is doing active social work. She came to Geneva for the International Red Cross Conference in the spring and was much liked. She seemed to me one of the rather cosmopolitan type of woman, of whom representatives are coming to the fore just now in most countries, who do good work and introduce a note of sincerity and practical idealism into politics. I may be quite wrong in my impression of her -- based on meeting her three times for lunch. I should be glad to know your own opinion.

↑Or what about [sending?] Dr. Maresch?↓

The woman who impressed me most of those I met in Vienna was Frau Marianne Hainisch. She is a wonderful old lady! But I am afraid too old to begin a career now in the League of Nations. [page 2]

Hoping very much to have the pleasure of seeing you here, and with kindest regards to Frau Dr. Hertz and yourself,

I am always
Yours very sincerely,

C. E. M. [initialed]

[illegible] about our Russian Relief action.