Mary Vida Clark to Julia Clifford Lathrop, October 8, 1908


October 8, 1908.


Dear Miss Lathrop:

I am so sorry to have missed seeing you. I wish you had called me on the telephone Tuesday for I was in most of the day and might at least have had a little chat with you over the wires. Only college graduates or holders of certificates corresponding to the same thing are eligible to membership in the club, and of course only members can live in the house, so the young woman in question could not be admitted. I am sorry for I should have liked to help [chaperone] her.

The only suggestion that I can make [page 2] is that she might live with Mrs. George H. Houghton, 353 West 58th Street, who has three apartments and takes girls who are studying art and music. She is a very lovely woman, and I have known many nice girls who have lived with her. I telephoned to her this morning to ask whether there would be room for Miss Addams' niece if she should care to come and she thought she could take her in, so you can write to her mentioning my name if you care to do so

If the girl would like to stay at the Club for a couple of weeks and look about I should be glad to put her up. Non-members  can stay for two weeks. Let me know if I can be of any help.


Mary Vida Clark