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Addams asks Nichols to send two letters to Gale and Slayden.

Addams asks Coolidge to continue supporting the Hull-house Fresh Air Fund for children.

Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Addams requests a donation from Sprague to support Hull-House's summer children's camp.

Addams sends Kellogg money to renew her subscription to the Survey.

Addams asks Dodd if she could send him a resolution about to be passed by various organizations and about lunch with Hapgood.

Addams invites Dodd and her husband to attend the Hull House Christmas concert and dinner.
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Addams asks Haldeman if she can make arrangements to show Laura around New York City.

Addams encourages Post to go abroad as an alternate delegate of the Committee of Five and tells her about the difficulties she and others have been having securing passports.

Addams tells Balch how difficult it is arranging an international meeting and asks if she could go to Europe in advance to help.

Addams sends holiday greetings and explains her Christmas gifts.

Addams sends Woolley the decision on the Peace Conference plan and asks for her opinion.

Addams explains the need to fill a vacancy left by Kelley's resignation and recent elections for the Committee of Five.

Addams sends Balch updates for the Peace Conference and asks for her opinion.

Addams expresses her belief that the Women's Peace Party could be the organization Marple is looking for and hopes she will contribute her fortune to the International Congress.

Addams hopes that Levinson will continue his yearly contributions to Hull-House.

Addams tells Florence that her place in the Committee of Five has not been changed, and wonders if a meeting with Secretary Baker can be arranged to discuss obtaining passports.

Addams sends Jacobs a finalized list of the plans for the Official Peace Conference and asks her to pick which she prefers. She also asks her to notify all national sections once a plan has been agreed upon by the executive board members.

Addams asks Aldis if he would continue his yearly donations to Hull-House as its expenses have increased.

Addams's draft of a letter she plans to send Jacobs which details several possible plans for the upcoming peace conference and asks her, along with each member of the International Board, to pick which one is best.

Addams seeks to meet with Kellogg while she is in New York.

Addams explains the potential value of Levinson's skills and notes the role Women's Clubs will play in the peace agenda.

Addams asks Post about timing for a Woman's Peace Party board meeting and her opinion on whether the Party should hold an annual meeting this year. A similar letter was sent to all WPP board members.

Addams thanks Monroe for handling Mrs. Scott's play and asks if she can send her another package containing Scott's writings.

Karsten sends Kellogg a letter (not found) at the request of Graham Taylor.

Addams asks Lane for additional time to finish her paper and submit it to The Survey.

Mead tells Addams that she votes against holding a Woman's Peace Party meeting in June and suggests the closing of the office for the summer.

Addams sends Jordan speech notes (not found) from a recent speech in Kansas City and hopes to arrange to meet him.

Addams ask Balch whether she thinks they need to call a Woman's Peace Party meeting soon.

Spencer replies to Addams agreeing with the idea of postponing the Woman's Peace Party board meeting until December.
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