Viola Marple to Jane Addams, January 4, 1919

212 Hillside Ave.,
Glen Ridge, N.J.,
Jan. 4, 1919.
Miss Jane Addams,
116 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

Dear Madam,

About the first week of December I wrote you in regard to some permanent [Peace] Organization. You gave me the Woman's Peace Party. I intend to join [illegible] soon, and help it all I can while I live. But I also intend to leave it some money in my will, which I am now having rewritten. My [page 2] lawyer wishes to know certain facts. Is this organization likely to be permanent for the next one hundred years, say? What is its official title and address? Is it chartered or incorporated? A speedy reply will be appreciated.

Truly yours,

Viola Marple.

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